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Term Lab SPL  Testing
Term-LAB is unsurpassed when it comes to measuring high sound pressure levels.

Real-Time SPL Readouts - In this mode the meter will continuously display the current SPL.

Peak Hold Mode with Auto Reset - In this mode, the meter will display the peak SPL.
Then, after a time period determined by the user, the meter will automatically reset and begin the process all over again.

Running Average - In this mode, the meter will display a running average for a user-specified number of SPL measurements.

NEW! - Digital Displays show the current SPL, Peak SPL, Average SPL, Current Frequency where the current Peak SPL occurred and the Frequency where the maximum peak-hold SPL occured. This is an incredible tool for maximizing your SPL score or tuning your vehicle!
$20.00 For 10 mins
$40.00 For 30 mins
$60.00 For 60 mins