Pablo Software Solutions
Power Commander - PC II, PC III, PC V
- Inline 4 bikes with one set of fuel injectors - $250.00
- Inline 4 bikes with two sets of fuel injectors - $250.00
- V twins with 1 map controlling both front and rear cylinders - $250.00
- V twins with individual maps for front and rear cylinders - $300.00
- Drag race maps with tuning at WOT only - $100.00

Bazzaz Tuning Starting At $250.00
Other tuning solutions starting at $250.00
"Mail Order" or "Canned" Tunes are not a guaranteed tuning solution for your Sport Bike. You can take 10 motorcycles with the same modifications and each tune will be a little different to get the same results. The advantages of a custom tune allow you to both maximize the peformance of your motorcycle while maintaining excellent ridability and longevity to your motorcycle's engine. We do not tune just for wot and max power. Our custom maps include changes to all rpm's and throttle positions. A number of our customers are amazed at the difference in their motorcyle after a custom tune. Let Dyno Tune Motorsports help you get the most out of your performance upgrades made to your motorcycle. Please contact us to schedule your appointment.