Pablo Software Solutions
SCT 6600 Multi Position Flip Chip  (Ford Only)

• Holds up to 5 Custom Tune files

• Mountable Switch Panel
• Easily switch between Custom Tunes
• Built In Anti Theft Selection that disables PCM
• Perfect for Nitrous or Towing Applications

$300.00 for Chip and 1 Tune
$  20.00 for Cable Switch and Selector

tSCT Xcalibrator 3 Hand Held Programmer

Ford and GM Vehicles

Key Features:
• Latest Flash Technology
• Pre-Loaded with Dyno Proven Tune Files
• Reads / Clears DTC Trouble Codes
• User Adjustable Features
• Monitor Popular External Sensors
• 2008 Models Supported
• Built-In High Speed Datalogging

User Adjustable Features:
• WOT Fuel Adjustment • Idle RPM
• Spark Adjustment • Transmission Shift Points
• Axle Ratio• Fuel Injector Size
• Tire Size - Rev / Mile • Air Intake Selection
• Cooling Fan Temps • Traction Control On / Off
• Rev / Speed Limiters • Two StepOn / Off RPM
* Not all adjustments available on all vehicles

$400.00 for Hand Held Programmer

Hand Held Programmers and Multi Tune Chips for Ford and GM Vehicles
Dyno Jet Power Comander
allows you to adjust fueling for your motorcycle's modifications.